Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials

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Bob Hillhouse

Yafa Sakkejha

Lucie Trepanier

“I found the Young Urban Farmers to be very friendly, nice young people, who seemed to have a real infectious desire to get people to enjoy growing their own gardens. We discussed the best placement for the garden, the front yard, as it was the only area that offered a full 6 hours of direct sunlight. Having great tasting, fresh produce, without pesticides was one of the best things about my garden. Another amazing result was the interaction with the neighbours and having the kids come to visit and help eat and harvest the veggies. I found them to be very friendly, obviously passionate about their venture and extremely well organized. It does not need to be on a grand scale, my little plot was a tremendous success.”

Charlaine Scadding

“We were quite intrigued after our first meeting with Chris and Jing from YUF – a garden small enough for the back yard and yet large enough to provide a wide variety of vegetables and even strawberries. The past few years we have had limited success growing mostly tomatoes. The team set up our boxes, planted seeds or plants and the rest is history. We enjoyed lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, herbs, beans and cucumbers. We are now planning our 2010 garden and look forward to seeing Chris and Jing for their expert advice and for a bountiful harvest this summer.”

Renee Levkovitch

I had inherited a house in North York (Bathurst Manor) from my mother and kept it as a second residence even though I lived in Ottawa.  It had a large garden and I needed someone to look after it as I was quite attached sentimentally.  I found Young Urban Farmers on the internet and checked them out with previous clients who were totally enthusiastic about them.

My experience proved them right. Christopher Wong talked to me a long time to see what I wanted to do.  Over a period of three years he gradually developed the garden, building on what was there, mixing edible and ornamental solutions and making it beautiful in a natural way.  It was always a pleasure dealing with him and his assistant and I could trust him to do what was needed whether I was there or not.  He also found ways to care for my rather large garden in affordable ways and always presented me with good options.  He did not impose his vision but advised me well and worked with me to bring it to where I wanted.  The whole experience was a pleasure.

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