How We Make Edible Gardening Simple
How We Make Edible Gardening Simple

At Young Urban Farmers®, we believe gardening should be simple, fun, and easy. That’s why we field test and ensure all products we carry live up to our rigorous standards for quality, durability, form, and function for both our online store and as part of our regular gardening services. Here’s how we strive to make gardening fun and rewarding for you:

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Easy = Fun, and Fun = Delicious

1. Excellent Quality Products

With thousands of gardening products, it’s hard to know what to trust. We personally test and analyze everything that we carry and see ourselves as curators of the best urban farming products available. We select products that are durable, work as advertised, are ergonomic, and are environmentally friendly.

For example, all of our self-watering containers are made from food grade, UV-stabilized, frost-resistant, and shatter-resistant plastic. That means it won’t fade sitting in the intense summer sun all day long, it won’t crack in the winter when temperatures drop below freezing, and you can be sure the food that you grow will be fresh, delicious, and healthy for you and your family. Another product that we carry, the ScareCrow sprinkler has been very effective at keeping raccoons and cats out of several of our gardens in a manner that does not harm or injure the animals. We start our own untreated and non GMO seeds for all of our gardens, use certified organic worm castings in our custom soil mix, and ensure only the strongest and healthiest plants get put into your garden. These are just a few of the many things we do to ensure a successful, enjoyable season of gardening.

2. Customized Recommendations

We get it. You want a garden that meets your exact needs in terms of lifestyle and budget. That’s why we listen to your concerns before getting started. Busy schedule and can’t water your garden regularly? Setup an irrigation system or choose self-watering planters. Want to enjoy greens throughout the summer without worrying about them bolting? Grow mizuna instead of lettuce. These are just a few of the ways we tailor our recommendations for each of our customers.

3. Customized Service

Many people love spending time out in their garden. Not only is it a great stress reliever, source of fresh air, and opportunity for physical activity, it’s a great way to connect with nature and the food we eat. Whether you want to do everything yourself, or leave all the work to us, we can work with you to setup a maintenance or coaching plan to fit your schedule. This can include twice weekly watering, weeding, succession planting, harvesting, and general upkeep. It can also mean bi-weekly coaching sessions on a variety of topics. It can also mean help while you’re away on vacation (if you don’t trust your neighbour with your vegetable garden). Whatever the case, we can find something that helps you enjoy your garden to its full potential.

4. Ongoing Education

All of our customers we setup a garden for receive a copy of our vegetable growing guide. We have gone to great lengths to write this ourselves, compiling information from our practical experience and from other experts in the field. Updated yearly, this growing guide goes over the basics of tending and managing the different vegetables in your garden, dealing with pests and animals, and other gardening tips.

In addition, we post a free weekly gardening tip on our website, answer lots of questions by email and are working on a more robust knowledge base to make Young Urban Farmers your source for gardening information. We also love getting kids involved in the gardening process, answering all of your gardening questions, and sharing our joy of growing food with as many people as possible.

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