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Tip #264: How To Prune Your Fruit Trees

Late winter and early spring is typically the best time to be pruning your fruit trees and bushes. While there are some exceptions (like peach trees which should be pruned after flowering), we’re put together this overview as a reminder […]

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Tip #263: Pelleted Seed Part 2

We discussed earlier a couple things about pelleted seeds in tip #85. We’re going to review when you might want to use pelleted seeds and go over some more tips and info to help you decide if it is right […]

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Tip #262: Homemade Flavoured Salt

Instead of a gardening tip this week, we’re going to show you a two basic “recipes” to infuse your favourite flavours into salt. It’s simple, and can add a ton of flavour to all of your cooked dishes. Step 1: […]

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