Got a YUF raised bed that you want to increase the depth of? We can increase the height of your bed by building up the outer frame of your garden. Here’s what two 2×8 @ 8″ raised beds look like when converted up to 16″ in height.
2x8 Raised Beds @ 8" Tall
How the beds looked in their first year of growth
2x8 Raised Beds @ 8" Tall Before Conversion
At the start of the second year of growing before conversion
2x8 Raised Beds @ 8" Tall During Conversion
The raised beds during the conversion process.
2x8 Raised Beds @ 8" Tall After Conversion
The finished process, with another bed added in for good measure.
For details and information on how we can help you take your raised beds to new heights or for a new bed, please contact us for details.