Create a beautiful, functional, and edible garden plan

If you want to incorporate edible plants into your existing garden landscape, and are you looking for inspiration for new and interesting plants in your garden this year, take a look at our edible landscaping services. We’ll help you to create functional garden plan that not only will provide an aesthetically pleasing display, but also provide fresh produce that you can incorporate into your meals and cooking.

Read more about how we can create an edible garden plan that’s right for your needs.

Who it’s suitable for:
Anyone who wants a beautiful, functional, and edible landscape setup in their yard.

Who it is not suitable for:
Those who want a balcony, deck, or rooftop garden, those who want just a dedicated area for vegetables.

For all of our edible landscape plans, we want to ensure the garden we design suits you and your family’s needs. That’s why we spend the time to understand what your goals are with your yard, how much time you have to maintain your garden, how much fresh produce you incorporate into your meals, and what the long term vision you have for your yard.

Whether you have active children and a bustling yard space, are looking for a peaceful getaway from the stresses of life, we can help design something for you.

What’s Included

  • 45 minute free initial consultation to understand your garden needs and
  • design and creation of an edible landscape design
  • digital and printed garden plan with detailed planting instructions, plant spacing notes, and sourcing information
  • garden calendar with reminders and tips throughout the season
  • discount on garden setups and secondary products

What are the differences between your in-ground garden setups and edible landscaping?
Edible landscaping and in-ground gardens have many similarities, but have a different approach when it comes to growing food in your yard. These differences are highlighted below:

Edible Landscaping In-Ground Gardens
Focus Incorporating edibles within existing structures, pathways, and garden areas Creating a dedicated area just for vegetables to maximize garden yields
Scope Includes vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, in addition to larger objects like fruit trees, bushes, arbours, and other larger objects Generally limited to vegetables and herbs
Size Anywhere from a small garden area to the entire yard Typically smaller in size and set apart from other garden features
Plan Considers traditional landscaping features such as aesthetic appeal, balancing colours and plant sizes, and long term design of the garden Simple designs like rows or blocks of vegetables
Edibles available All – vegetables, herbs, fruit bushes, fruit trees, nut trees All – vegetables, herbs, fruit bushes, fruit trees, nut trees
Design Costs $50 per hour to design the garden plan, estimated time varies based on size and scope of the project Included at no extra cost for those contracting us to setup an in-ground garden
Setup Costs $30 per hour + materials, GTA only $30 per hour + materials, GTA only

Sample Images:
Below are a few examples of what our plans look like

Edible Landscaping Sample1

Edible Landscaping Sample1

Edible Landscaping Sample3

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