[Updated September 2012]

We’ve talked in the past about how easy it is to grow your own garlic. You may have even heard from your friends how simple it is too. But if you need to see it to believe it, now (late September) is the best time to be planning your garlic for a mid-October planting.

Planting a Successful Garlic Crop

1. Purchase garlic from a reputable source. Look for full heads of garlic with a clean skin, firm texture, and bright appearance.

2. Break apart the head into individual cloves before planting. Select the biggest, healthiest looking cloves for planting. Set aside damaged, misshapen, or too small cloves for cooking/eating.

3. Prepare your garden area by digging in extra compost to the garden bed. Remove any weeds, grass, tree roots, or other debris from the soil area.

4. Plant individual garlic cloves 3-4″ deep with the tip pointing upwards. Give each clove 4″ of space on all sides.

5. Mulch the planted area with a layer of straw ideally at least 3-4″ thick. Straw is ideal because it is lightweight, breaks down easily, and can be purchased at local garden centres or from local farmers.  If you can’t find straw, you can use wood chips as an alternative.*

6. Water long and deep once per week to help the garlic establish a deep root system before it goes dormant for the winter.


*Adequately mulching your garlic will be the key to a successful harvest. This will help insulate the bed over the winter, as well a retain moisture for in the bed during the critical initial growing stages in the late fall and early spring.

Still need more information? Check out our Garlic FAQs page or our pdf download guide to  Garlic Growing 101

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