We’ve been touting our love for self-watering containers, and specifically EarthBoxes, for a long time.  While we’ve had lots of anecdotal evidence as to the bounty of produce that can be grown, we’re excited to share some real data around how much can be grown. During the 2013 growing season, our friends at TAS partnered with another great Toronto urban agriculture group Cultivate Toronto to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruit in 72 EarthBoxes on a rooftop in Regent Park. Despite a couple delays in getting the garden setup (which was completed by mid June), the final tally at the end of the summer was 385 pounds of produce, or if compared to farmers market prices of similar veg, $2,178 worth of produce.

One of the best parts of this garden wasn’t just that the food was being donated to a local community meal program, but that the boxes can and will be used for many years to come with just a small yearly cost for additional organic fertilizer, seeds, and plants.

For the complete write up and additional statistics, read the full blog post here: http://www.tasdesignbuild.com/sharing-the-harvest.php