Garlic is one of our favourite crops to grow not only because of its taste, but because it is an easy and pest-free crop. And as the days get cooler, it’s time to order your garlic and plan where to plant it in your yard.

This year, we’re pleased to announce the additional of the Legacy variety of garlic to our current garlic variety Music. Read below for a comparison of the two types of garlic.

Garlic grows best when planted in raised beds or directly in-ground. As in previous years, we are offering a full service garlic planting, which includes preparing the bed, amending the soil with extra compost, planting the garlic, mulching the area, and providing you with a detailed set of care instructions.

Limited quantities of garlic for DIY planting and special requests for different garlic varieties can also be ordered directly from us. Please contact us for details. Garlic sells out quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment

You can place your order online, visit For special requests, please contact us directly.

About Our Garlic

Legacy: Legacy is a hard neck variety and was originally found growing wild on a farm in Ontario. It came over in the 19th century with German immigrants and is becoming an increasingly popular variety as more people discover its taste. Legacy packs a strong flavour and heat punch and produces 8-9 medium sized cloves per head. It thrives in cold climates, which makes it perfect for our GTA customers.

Legacy produces large sized heads with white skin and pink undertones. It is both a beautiful and delicious variety to grow.

Music: Music is a hard neck variety that was originally adapted from an Italian variety. to be suited to our Southern Ontario growing conditions. The cloves have a medium spice level, very good storage qualities, and thrives in our cold climate.

Music produce large heads with white skin contrasted with blushes of pink. It produces 4-6 large to very large coves and is a favourite among our gardeners across Southern Ontario.