Looking for more garden tips and information? With the help from our friends at Lifestyle Videos, we’ve created a few video tips to help you learn about different aspects of gardening and growing great produce.

In this video, YUF co-founder Chris Wong shares the six plant macronutrients which are the main building blocks to support good growth and production in your garden as well as which common household ingredients can be used to add these essential macronutrients to your garden.

 There are many household materials we can use to add these macronutrients to our garden

  1. Nitrogen – coffee grounds
  2. Phosphorous – banana peels  (chop for best results)
  3. Postassium – Wood ashes from your fireplace
  4. Magnesium – Epsom salts
  5. Calcium – Egg shells
  6. Sulfur – Epsom salts

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