There’s been lots happening with us here at YUF the past couple of weeks. We participated in GTA’s premiere gardening event Seedy Sunday, gave a presentation as part of the Focus on Food youth project at FoodShare, revamped our sales brochures for the 2011 season, and added a number of new and exciting products to our online store. Some of the new products we’ve added or will be adding include:

1. Collapsible Rain Barrel (small 200L and large 400L versions)
-do your part for the environment by saving the rainwater from your roof. This collapsible rain barrel sets up in minutes and can be easily put away for the winter too

collapsible rain barrel

2. Balconera container garden kit
-hang this on your railing, mount it to a wall, or place it outside as a beautiful herb or edible container

Balconera container garden

3. Edible Ornamental Planter
-add a splash of colour to your front walk up, backyard seating area, or yard with these stylish self-watering planters. More info coming soon

YUF Edible Planter

4. Premium Greenhouse kits
-extend your growing season with one of our premium greenhouse kits

All of these are available with our optional YUF services of setup and delivery. For our container gardens, this means you get the benefit of a complete growing system you just have to water and harvest. There’s no need to figure out what kind of soil mix to get, what variety of vegetables to grow, if different varieties grow well together, whether to start from seed or transplants, when to plant, and where to find unique heirloom varieties.

Best of all, you have the support of the YUF team if you have any questions about gardening and growing in the Canadian climate.