[Update Mar 2013] This promotion has now ended. Look for new promotions on our homepage coming soon.

Do you want to grow delicious gourmet mushrooms? Now is your chance with Young Urban Farmers to grow both oyster and shiitake mushrooms. Until February 28th, we’re having a special GYO (Grow-Your-Own) mushroom promotion for both our oyster mushroom kits and shiitake mushroom logs. Mushrooms have long been known for their health benefits and delicious taste. They are easy to grow, require minimal work, and are fun activity no matter where you live.

Purchase our Mushroom Combo Kit

Order one indoor oyster mushroom kit and one outdoor four foot (48″) shiitake mushroom log and save $10 off the regular retail cost. Please note that our shiitake mushroom logs won’t be ready until May, though we have lots of oyster kits ready for pickup or delivery. Regular retail price of $59.95. Promotion price of $49.95 + tax. A local pickup option is available by appointment and shipping can also be arranged at a flat rate of $10. Read more about the promotion below including shipping outside of GTA below.

Buy Now - Mushroom Promotion 2013

Want to give this as a gift to you AND for a friend?

Order two oyster mushroom kits and two shiitake mushroom logs and save an additional $10 off our discounted promotion price. Promotion price of $89.95 + tax. Please note that our oyster mushroom kits can be picked up or delivered anytime, however our shiitake mushroom logs won’t be available until May. Read more about the promotion below. A local pickup option is available and shipping can also be arranged at a flat rate of $15. Read more about the promotion below including shipping outside of GTA below.

Buy Now - Mushroom Promotion 2013

About the Oyster Mushroom Kit

Grow up to one and a half lbs of gourmet oyster mushrooms per box with this kit from Back to the Roots. Harvest your first crop in as little as 10 days! This indoor kit is made from 100% recycled coffee grounds and can be grown year round. It includes instructions and a mister for you to keep the kit moist and healthy. To see just how quickly your mushrooms can grow, check out this time lapse video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJUFyNxz6Z It can be kept in a cool and dark location for a few months if it is not to be used right away. Instructions, misting bottle, and humidity bag are all included. Read more about our Oyster Mushroom Kit

About the Shiitake Mushroom Log

Growing your own shiitake mushrooms is easier than you may think. It makes an excellent addition to your edible backyard vegetable garden, and requires only a shady spot in your yard. They can even be grown on a shady apartment or condo balcony! They are ready to produce this spring and throughout the growing season this year. Our logs produce mushrooms far superior in taste to the ones you can get in the supermarket. The reason? Most supermarket shiitake mushrooms are grown on bags of sawdust, while your mushrooms will be growing on its natural environment, fresh cut hardwood logs. Enjoy the rich, meaty, flavor of freshly grown shiitake mushrooms and share the bountiful harvest with your friends and family. Even people who don’t normally like the typical white mushrooms from the grocery store find that they truly enjoy the taste of shiitakes because it is so distinct and flavorful. Try it – you’ll be in for a lovely surprise. Read more about our Shiitake Mushroom Log

Promotion Details  and Fine Print

This promotion is valid now through February 28 2013. Oyster mushroom kits are available immediately and must be claimed by June 30th 2013. Shiitake mushroom logs will be available May 1 – June 30th 2013. For shipping outside of the GTA, please contact us for a quote.  Shipping averages around $20 due to the size and weight of shipping the shiitake mushroom log.
Buy Now - Mushroom Promotion 2013