Commercial Gardens
Commercial Gardens

Plants and gardens add beauty and a sense of place to any commercial area. Many buildings have specific planting areas designed into the plan, and it is something more and more people are expecting when they walk onto your property. Plants and gardens have a number of benefits, and can be placed both indoors and outdoors. These benefits include providing a pleasant environment for staff and customers, make spaces more attractive and inviting, reflect the cultural and national aspects of the business, increase retail spend, reduce sickness, and more.

Hotel and Restaurant Gardens

Incorporate edibles plants into the food and atmosphere of your hotel and restaurant. From production gardens to showcase planters, rooftop gardens and indoor table planters, add character and colour to your restaurant and hotel offerings.

School and Daycare Gardens

Get kids of all ages involved in growing food. Gardens promote outdoor education, physical activity, connection with the food system and can be incorporated into almost all subjects like math, science, history, and English. No matter how big or small, kids love to learn about their food and how it is grown.

Commercial Property Gardens

Let YUF help you with gardens or planters to improve air quality, accent a lobby or showroom, create an relaxing retreat for employees, or setup production gardens for employees to participate in and enjoy fresh produce.

Not only do gardens and plants look attractive, they are also good for buildings, for its occupants, and for the environment. At Young Urban Farmers, we have setup a number of commercial gardens and can help you do the same for your business. Click one of the photos to learn more.