Garden Types
Garden Types

Learn about the different types of gardens we offer including raised beds, container gardens, in-ground gardens, and indoor gardens.

Raised Bed Gardens

Get instant results with our signature raised beds. Available in a range of sizes and heights, you can grow delicious edibles on any flat surface including grass, patios, driveways, decks, and rooftops. With our YUF custom soil blend, you can be assured of outstanding results year after year.

In Ground Gardens

Grow larger perennials, fruit trees, and berry bushes along with all your favourite edibles with an in-ground garden. Customize the size and footprint to your unique layout and design specifications. Ensure great results with our YUF custom soil blend and personalized service.

Container Gardens

Add a splash of colour and style with unique containers of all sizes and shapes. With containers, you can grow your favourites in the sunniest spot available, take advantage of tight spaces with hanging planters, and try new varieties each year. Portable and easy to move, containers are great when redecorating or moving.

Indoor Gardens

Don’t let winter or limited sun conditions stop you from growing. Grow indoors all year round with sprouting kits, microgreens, growing lights, windowsill herb containers, and even edible mushrooms. Get inspired with the options for all styles, budgets, and colour themes.