EarthBox Automatic Watering System Additional Information
EarthBox Automatic Watering System Additional Information

Why We Love It

We love the EarthBox Automatic Watering System (AWS) allows you to keep the plants in your EarthBoxes watered even if you don’t have time to water them on a regular basis. This means more peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about keeping your plants hydrated and healthy. For most plants, it also means faster growth, bigger yields, and more tender plants as there is no risk of the plants suffering from extended periods of drought which can negatively affect the taste and flavour of the produce.

The AWS uses a patented series of sensors and valves along with water pressure from the tap to keep your boxes watered. The best part is that this is all done without batteries or electricity.

Each sensor works independently, so you can connect a box of tomatoes along with a box of herbs to the same system and each one will get only the amount of water they need. It won’t overflow the reservoir of the boxes and each pressure regulator can be connected to up to 30 boxes within 60 meters or 200 feet or the spigot.

The water regular is the most important piece and controls the pressure from the tap to 20psi. It comes with a washer screen to prevent debris from getting into the tubing.

Setup Instructions

Each EarthBox Automatic Watering System comes with a set of written and visual instructions. It does a great job of outlining how to setup your system. We’ve outlined some additional tips we’ve discovered from several installations as well.

You can also download a pdf version of the automatic watering system instructions.

Additional Setup Notes:

The instructions provide a lot of great information on setting up the system. We’ve included a few other tips that we’ve found useful in setting up the kit.

  • Attach the hose attachment first
  • If you only have one outdoor tap, we strongly recommend using a hose splitter so you can attach and use your regular hose at the same time
  • If the area around the tap connection is very constricted and/or close to the wall, a short hose extension can allow easy access and installation
  • Open up the tubing the day or two before installation will make it easier to unravel and adjust the tubing
  • To attach the tubing to the connectors, use gloves that allow you to get a good grip and securely attach the tubing to the connector pieces
  • For stubborn sections of tubing, you can also use a hair dryer or blow torch to gently soften and heat up the tubing to make it easier to attach to the connector
  • Mineral oil can also be used to connect the tubing to the connectors
  • Ensure each sensor is securely placed inside each watering tube and is pushed all the way to the bottom
  • Use the forks to securely attach each sensor to its corresponding watering tube

Customer Testimonials

Worth Its Weight in Gold
The AWS keeps a constant water level in the Earthbox…a godsend during peak growing season, esp. in hot climates. Recommend you order early as Earthboxs mfr sometimes cannot keep up with demand.

I Wouldn’t Earthbox Without These!
I am a lazy gardener. I have to say, I have 18 earthboxes in my yard, and all of them are on the automatic watering kit. I would not have an Earthbox garden without it! I plant my garden and don’t touch it again until harvesting! I love it.