Many independent growers have put these lights to the test and recorded their findings. Here are a few videos:

Video 1: This teacher decided to teach his students how to grow cucumbers with an earlier generation model of the same LED growing lights. See the amazing results as they grew 191 over his 80 day experiment.

Video 2: The same teacher conducted an experiment growing hydroponic watermelons using two units of the 336-X lights. Despite a few challenges and a broken water pump, they were still able to harvest a few fruit off the plant

Video 3: This two-part video shows two high school students compare the growth and yields of two different LED lights. In one experiment, the LED lights from Hydrogrow yielded 152 more cherry tomatoes that weighed 4.37 lbs more than the other generic LED light.

Additional Videos

Young Urban Farmers does not endorse the use of these products for any illegal purposes. These links are provided for informational purposes only.

Video 1: Compared to a HPS (high pressure sodium) light, this grower found the HydroGrow lights used 64% less energy and generated 15% lower yields than a traditional HPS system.

Video 2: In this test, the grower found the plants to be bushier and yielded 2.44x more plant material per watt compared to another LED growing light.

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