Hanging planters back and make a great design statement, especially for the space-challenged individuals. They don’t need to placed on a flat surface and add visual interest to a wall or balcony. Weeds are typically less of an issue and the risk of being trampled on or knocked over like other gardens or containers is negligible.


The Planter
The Nido hanging planter is part of the Lechuza Trend collection. Featuring the classic woven wicker design, this hanging basket is the perfect balance between size and weight with a large enough reservoir to keep even the thirstiest plants happy, but not so large that it becomes too heavy to hang and mount.

The Nido has a classic cylindrical shape tapering slightly in towards the bottom. The included water level indicator allows you to see instantly if you need to refill the reservoir. Whereas many typical hanging planters dry out quickly and need constant watering, the Nido planter can go much longer between watering thanks to its built in 1.9 liter reservoir.

Unlike other planters in the Trend collection, the drain plug for this container is slightly modified to contain the same woven wicker finish (compared to a more utilitarian orange drain plug). This ensures that if you do decide to keep the drain plug in while hanging, the bottom won’t look out of place.

One of things we like the most about this planter is the removable plant liner. This makes planting, replanting, and hanging a breeze. Simply remove the liner and you can plant it wherever you have your gardening station setup. You don’t have to climb precariously to install the soil and plants while the planter is already hanging. This can all be done by removing the liner. Likewise when mounting the container, remove the inner plant liner to reduce the weight so your arm doesn’t get too tired holding the planter up. It’s a minor point, but one that you’ll be thankful for when planting and replanting each year.

The Nido planter comes in four different colours: white, mocha, granite, and black (discontinued in 2015). Being UV-stabilized, the colours will not fade even with prolonged sun exposure.


What to Plant

Most people choose to put flowers in their hanging baskets. We like to grow some herbs, edible flowers like nasturtiums, violas, or pansies, and even strawberries.


Who This Planter Is For
This planter is perfect for people who want to take advantage of available vertical space and especially for those where horizontal space is at a premium like in condos and apartments. Hanging baskets can add that finishing touch to your deck, patio, or outdoor landscape.

Who This Planter Isn’t For
The hanging planter has a limited planting volume and weight. For that reason, we don’t suggest growing large or extremely heavy plants in this container.

Practical Tips
Ensure wherever you choose to hang the planter can support the full of weight of the plants even when fully grown. While the hardware can support a lot of weight, make sure the hook or attachment point can also support the same.

What you decide to plant will be determined primarily by how much sun the planter will get. If you do decide to put the planter in a covered area or with one side facing getting less sun than the other, rotate the planter every few days to ensure all sides get even sun. We suggest removing  the drain plug when placed outdoors to avoid the potential of having the plants drown from overwatering or a heavy rain storm.


The Nido planter can be purchased directly from us through our online store. We ship across Canada and a local delivery or pickup can be arranged within Toronto.