Oyster Mushroom Kit
Oyster Mushroom Kit Additional Information

Why We Love It:

The Fungaea oyster mushroom Shroom Box allows you to grow your own gourmet oyster mushrooms inside your home no matter what time of year it is. Following a few simple steps will allow you to enjoy the freshest mushrooms with minimal work and effort.

Why Our Customes Love It:

Our customers love how easy it is to grow their own mushrooms. It is excellent in soups, stir frys, on pizza, or wherever you want to add some extra mushroom flavour. We’ve also received a lot of compliments from people about how this makes an excellent gift for “the person who has everything”. It is a fun experience both for kids and adults alike. Download a pdf copy of our Oyster Mushroom Kit Instructions.

Additional Information:

Each kit is made from recycled coffee grounds as well as a variety of other locally sourced organic materials and innoculated with oyster mushroom spawn. It can be kept in a cool and dark location for a few months if it is not to be used right away though is best if used right away.

It is normal not to always see mushroom forming within 10 days. Some kits just take a bit longer than others, due to ambient temperatures, humidity level, and soaking time. As long as you see the white mycelium inside the bag, there isn’t much to worry about.

If you want to speed up or revive a stuck bag, another soaking of the bag generally does the trick. Leave it overnight and let the water drain.

We suggest placing the bag indoors in a location where it gets ambient light with both darkness at night and indirect light during the day, but not direct sunlight. Also avoid putting the kit close to a radiator or AC unit.

Fresh air is also important for the mushroom so make sure they’re not suffocated.

Order your Oyster Mushroom Kit from our online store today. Download a pdf copy of our oyster mushroom kit instructions. An older set of instructions can also be found here: Oyster Mushroom Kit Instructions (older set of instructions).