Superfood Seeds
Grow Your Own Superfoods

Growing delicious nutrient-dense superfoods is easy with this collection from Young Urban Farmers. We’ve curated a few specialty edibles that are easy to grow, delicious to eat, beautiful to look at, and loaded with beneficial nutrients. For the beginner or advanced gardener, these make a perfect addition to your raised beds, containers, or in-ground plots. This year, we’ve selected four different varieties. Look for more varieties coming soon.

Superfood seeds come in a reusable, decorative metal tin and make a great gift for your gardener friends or as an excellent addition to your own vegetable garden. A unique sliding top makes them easy to access and easy to store and stack. Look for these superfood seeds at some of our upcoming trade shows.

wild arugula
Wild Arugula

red dandelion
Italian Red Dandelion

fiesta calendula
Fiesta Calendula Mix

eye of the goat bean
Eye of the Goat Beans

Wild Arugula

This wild relative of cultivated arugula has deeply serrated leaves and an intense dark green colour. In addition to its rich appearance, it is its taste that sets it apart, which is coveted by top chefs, food lovers, and specialty growers all over the world. First there is its spicy fragrance each tender leaf exudes after being picked. This is followed by a slight bitterness and explosion of heat and flavour we like to describe as a bold, assertive, and peppery. Wild arugula is best enjoyed raw or slightly wilted to appreciate its depth of flavour.

Wild Arugula grows slower than regular arugula, though makes up for this with better heat and cold tolerance compared to traditional cultivated arugula. Enjoy it in pastas, salads, and pizzas, and more. Arugula is low in calories, rich in antioxidants,  and an excellent source of vitamin A, B-vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

~200 seeds per tin. $4.00 each or buy 3, get 1 free. Purchase these tins directly from us at one of our upcoming trade shows.

YUF Superfood Seeds Italian Dandelion YUF Superfood Seed Tins Back Wild Arugula

Italian Dandelion

This broad leaf Italian dandelion has striking red stalks and broad lobed leaves. While not a true dandelion, this member of the chicory family has an excellent flavour, adding a bit of bite to salads and a wild leafy green flavour when cooked, steamed, or sauteed.

Italian Dandelion is a fast growing superfood that becomes sweeter and loses much of its bitterness when cooked. Connect with the popular Mediterranean flavours of Northern Italy and give this super green a loving spot in your garden. It is commonly used as an appetite stimulant, as a treatment for upset stomach, digestive support, and constipation treatment.

~100 seeds per tin. $4.00 each or buy 3, get 1 free. Purchase these tins directly from us at one of our upcoming trade shows.

YUF Superfood Seeds Wild Arugula YUF Superfood Seed Tins Back Italian Dandelion


Fiesta Calendula Mix

This mix of calendula flowers features a variety of single and double blooming flowers ranging from cream to apricot to intense yellow and dramatic orange in colour. Plants produce uniform, long lasting flowers all summer long. Calendula brightens up any garden or meal with its bright, sunny colours. Its petals are often used in place of saffron to provide a golden glow in rice dishes, soups, salads, and even jams. It can also be used where a spicy, tangy, and slightly peppery flavour is appropriate.

Historically, calendula has long history of being used to heal wounds, as an antiviral and as an anti-inflammatory product in tinctures, creams, teas, and ingested orally. It attracts lots of beneficial insects to the garden, making it a workhorse in the garden, in the kitchen, in the medicine cabinet, and as a visual enticement for the senses.

~60 seeds per tin. $4.00 each or buy 3, get 1 free. Purchase these tins directly from us at one of our upcoming trade shows.

YUF Superfood Seeds Fiesta Calendula YUF Superfood Seed Tins Back Fiesta Calendula


Eye of the Goat Beans

This heirloom pole bean, also known as Ojo de Cabra, is typically grown as a dry shelling variety, but can also be picked early as a fresh snap bean. These plump pole beans grow vigorously on sturdy vines with strong yields. Beans have a distinctive curved brown stripe or “goat eye” look to them.

Eye of the Goat beans are a favourity in Baja California and Northern Mexico. They have a rich, firm, and smooth texture that holds up well to long, slow cooking times. Tantalize your friends with mouthwatering bean dishes like they’ve never had before. Great in soups, salads, chilis, and more, this bean is high in fiber, protein and antioxidents, and makes for a delicious, easy to grow superfood.

~20 seeds per tin. $4.00 each or buy 3, get 1 free. Purchase these tins directly from us at one of our upcoming trade shows.

YUF Superfood Seeds Eye of the Goat Bean Eye of the Goat Back Tin


Buy All Four Superfoods and Save

Order all four of our unique superfoods that will help to improve you health and vitality, nourishing both your body and spirit. Enjoy them both in your garden and share them in your kitchen with your friends and family. $12 for all four varieties including Fiesta Calendula, Wild Arugula, Italian Red Dandelion, and Eye of the Goat Bean.

Purchase these tins directly from us at one of our upcoming trade shows.

YUF Superfood Seed Tins Grid YUF Superfood Seed Tins Back Grid

Superfood Growing Instructions

Wild Arugula
Arugula prefers a fertile, well-drained soil, with slightly acidic soils (like most vegetables) and a pH range of 6.0-6.8. Grow in full sun to part sun in starting early spring as arugula prefers cool conditions. Succession plant 2-3 weeks for a regular harvest throughout the season. Direct seed 1/8″ deep. Germination should take 5-7 days. Keep soil moist to slow bolting. Harvest outer leaves first, leaving inner leaves to continue growing.

Italian Dandelion

Italian Dandelion does best in well-drained soil that is rich in nutrients. Sow seeds 8 inches to 1 foot apart, and 1 inch deep. Do this early, in late spring to early summer, about a month after the last frost. After the seeds sprout, thin no more than 9 inches apart. Keep your sprouts free of weeds and water well. If you would like to harvest your plant and use the root, you may do so after four months. The leaf may also be picked from the garden and used in a fresh salad.

Fiesta Calendula Mix

Calendula grows best when sown directly into the garden. It tolerates any type of soil and will grow in partial shade to full sun. Sow seeds in early spring 1/4 inch deep with at least 6″ between each plant. Keep plants watered. An amendment of compost can help, but isn’t required. Harvest flowers regularly once they open for best results.

Eye of the Goat Beans

Beans do best when direct seeded once the soil has warmed up and all chance of frost has passed. Plant beans 1-2″ deep and at least 6″ apart. These pole beans need a trellis or some sort of support for their vines to climb and grow up on. Because the vines keep on growing and climbing, there will be beans at different stages of growth. Harvest beans regularly for continued bean production.