Trio Cottage Planter Additional Information

The Trio Cottage planter is a versatile, trough-style planter with interchangeable plant liners. It is excellent for growing your own fruits and vegetables as well as for a patio divider or privacy screen when planted with taller and fuller sized plants.

Each Trio Cottage planter includes three interchangeable plant liners (hence its aptly descriptive name), with each planting having with its own sub-irrigation reservoir. A water level indicator tells you when the plants need to be watered, and a removable drain plug prevents overwatering and allow excess rainwater to drain. Each patented liner has recessed handles which make for easy removal to exchange plants, re-potting with new varieties, root trimming, or redecorating.

Perfect for both indoor or outdoor settings, the Trio planter comes in two different sizes – Trio 30 and Trio 40, as well as four different wicker colours – white, granite, mocha, and black.

There are two accessories that can be added on to the Trio planter – a pedestal to elevate the unit and a trellis to support taller/climbing plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, and dwarf fruit trees.

Technical Specifications:

The Trio 30 planter measures a total of 97.5cm wide x 32cm across x 34.5cm tall (38.4″ x 12.6″ x 13×6″). Each liner has a water reservoir capacity of 4 liters, soil volume of 14 liters, and can accommodate plants up to 80cm (31.5″) in height.

The Trio 40 planter measures a total of 129cm wide x 41cm across x 44.5cm tall (50.8″ x 16.1″ x 17.5″. Each liner has a water reservoir capacity of 7.5 liters, soil volume of 31 liters, and can accommodate plants up to 100cm (39.4″)in height.

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