Urban Cultivator
Urban Cultivator Additional Information

The Urban Cultivator Residential is an all in one indoor home garden. You get 365 days of perfect growing conditions for all of your favorite herbs and veggies. No more soggy super market herbs going bad in your fridge… just fresh crisp herbs from your very own garden.

Fresh greens cut right from your Urban Cultivator Residential carry twice the nutritional value of store bought greens. Plus you know there are no chemicals or pesticides in your food.

With the Urban Cultivator Residential’s four grow flats you can feed your whole family fresh crisp herbs straight from your kitchen every single day. It truly is the “Zero Mile Diet”.

Perfect for growing hard to find greens, urban farmers who want to continue growing throughout cold winter conditions, chefs, and health conscious individuals. The Urban Cultivator is a great way to enjoy fresh, healthy, and delicious microgreens throughout the year.

For Toronto residents, the Urban Cultivator Residential comes including installation, delivery, an initial coaching session, as well as 2 months of gardening service and troubleshooting. Additional options available by request such as custom door logos, butcher block wood tops. Contact us for details.