Residential Gardens
Residential Gardens of All Sizes

From simple container gardens to complete edible gardening estates, we’ve got a variety of choices no matter your situation. Gardens come all shapes and sizes based on factors like sun conditions, maintenance time, budget, and eating preferences. Click on the heading below to learn about our residential garden options.


Grow fresh produce just steps away from your kitchen with raised beds, containers, or an in-ground area. Home and townhouse gardens provide endless flexibility to mix and match various garden types and styles according to your unique preferences. Great for getting the whole family involved in eating healthy and interactive learning.


Balconies, terraces, and sunny windows provide excellent opportunities to grow vertically in condos and apartments. Choose from a variety of stylish containers to match your decor without sacrificing form and functionality while maximizing production per square foot.

Residential Complexes

Grounds maintenance, allotment/community-style gardens, designing ornamental planters for public spaces, and workshops are just some of the things we can do at your residential complex. Gardens help engage residents while promoting active living and a sense of community.
Residential Garden Examples