What We Grow
What We Grow

YUF is proud to offer a wide range of plants for your edible gardens. From the classic beefsteak tomato and Italian basil, we have all of your favourites as well as a wide range of unique and heirloom vegetables. We’ve divided our catalog into different plant categories with a few highlights below. Please note some varieties will change due to availability and time of year.

bowl of beans

Bush Beans – Green, Yellow, Purple
Pole Beans – Mixed
Peas – Snow, Snap, Shell


English Cucumbers
Pickling Cucumbers
Lemon Cucumbers
Zucchini – Green, Yellow, Pattypan
Winter Squash – Butternut, Acorn

Edible Flowers


Berries – Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Elderberry
Melons – Cantaloupe, Watermelon
Stone Fruit Trees – Cherry, Peach, Plum
Apple and Pear Trees
Grape Vines

Mixed greens

Arugula / Asian Greens
Edible and Ornamental Greens
Kale / Spinach
Leaf Lettuce
Head Lettuce

Garden Herbs

Onions and Chives
Annual Herbs
Perennial Herbs

peppers eggplant

Sweet Bell Peppers – Yellow and Red
Shepherd Pepper – Classic Italian garden sweet pepper
Spicy Peppers – Cayenne, Jalapeno, Hungarian Banana, Scotch Bonnet, Super Chili
Italian and Asian Eggplant

Beets – Chioggia, Bulls Blood, Touchstone Gold
Carrots – Amsterdam, Rainbow, Purple Haze
Radishes – Easter Egg, Sora, French breakfast
Other – Celeriac, Jerusalem Artichoke, Garlic, Turnip

mixed tomatoes

Small Tomatoes – cherry, black cherry, yellow pear, apricot, Landry’s Russian, tumbling Tom
Medium Tomatoes – roma, San Marzano, lemon boy, early girl, banana legs, silvery fir, Canabec super
Large Tomatoes – beefsteak, brandywine, green zebra, mortgage lifter

shiitake mushroom

Tea Bush (camellia sinensis)
Hop Vine
Shiitake Mushroom Log
Oysterm Mushroom Kit
Edible Weeds