Cucurbits – Cucumbers and Squash
Cucurbits - Cucumbers, Squash, and Melons

Cucumbers, squash, and melons are popular plants to grow for most home gardeners. Cucumbers do best on a trellis (you can order one from our online store) and are great for vertical gardening. We grow both summer squash like zucchini and winter squash like butternut squash. Both are fairly large plants and require rich soil and full sun for best results.


English Cucumber

The classic long cucumber for slicing and eating. Great in salads, sandwiches, dips, and raw.

Pickling Cucumber

A small 7-10cm long cucumber with uniform size and shape. Great for salads and eating too

Lemon Cucumber

A small spherical cucumber that looks like a lemon but wit ha great cucumber taste. A prolific grower.
Summer Squash / Zucchini

Green Zucchini

A heavy yielding plant with shiny dark green skin

Yellow Zucchini

Similar to green zucchini, but with a firm bright yellow skin

Pattypan Zucchini

Smaller and unique flying saucer shape make this a treat in the garden and kitchen
Winter Squash / Melons

Butternut Squash

This early and productive butternut squash produces uniform fruit on a semi bush vine

Acorn Squash

A high quality good storing squash with versatile uses in the kitchen


Used in Asian cuisine, this vining melon has bitter fruit often found in soups, stir-fries, and herbal teas.

Cucumbers are squash are quite often susceptible to powdery mildew due our hot and humid summer weather. Should you start to see any white powdery fungus growing on the leaves of your cucumber and squash plants, we recommend treating it as soon as possible with a spray bottle and mixture of 1 tablespoon baking soda, a few drops of dish soap, and 4 cups of water. We recommend spraying the solution on all affected leaves in the morning until the mildew is under control.