Lots of fruit varieties can be grown in Southern Ontario and around the GTA. For the best selection and availability, we highly recommend you pre-order your fruit plants/shrubs/trees as early as possible. Quantities are limited and some things sell out quickly in the spring. In general, spring or fall are the two best time to plant fruit trees, bushes, and vines. All fruit listed below except for melons are perennial.


Everbearing Strawberries

These plants produce fruit all season long and are great for raised beds, in-ground gardens, and containers. Kid friendly and easy to grow. Some people report picking strawberries into October!


Both red and yellow varieties are available. Delicious freshly picked from the garden. Many raspberry plants have small thorns and may not be as suitable for young children

Balsors Hardy Blackberry

Another kid favourite and heavy yielder of large sweet berries late in the season. Blackberries need regular pruning, produce fruit their second year, and grow 4-6 feet tall x 6-8 feet wide


Elder has beautiful white flowers and deep coloured berries that give it lots of visual interest throughout the season. Useful in edible landscapes, for beverages, preserves, and more.


Very cold hardy bush that needs very acidic soil, and good drainage for best results. Not suitable to grow directly beside most other vegetables

Cantaloupe / Muskmelon

Needs full sun and warm summer days for best results. Cantaloupes are a real treat for home gardeners if the space is available. Noir des Carmes heirloom variety

Sugar Baby Watermelon

A delicious and sweet suited for smaller urban yards. Vines grow 4-6′ in length and produce 4-6 melons per plant
Stone Fruit Trees


Both sweet and sour cherries are available and have beautiful white spring flowers followed by delicious fruit


Second only to apple trees grown in Canada, plums offer a many choices and can be featured in ornamental landscapes


Peach trees are generally a bit trickier to grow than other fruit trees, needing as much sun as possible
Apple and Pear Trees


Many varieties available and are generally planted in the fall. Apples do best when planted with another tree to aid in pollination


Available on both regular and dwarf rootstock. Pears do best when planted with another tree to aid in pollination. Contact us for exact varieties
Grape Vines


Wine grapes and table grapes available. Vines are hardy and can grow for decades in the same spot. Contact us for details.

Fruit trees are a great investment for the garden. For some varieties, pre-orders may be required to ensure the exact varieties are available in the right rootstock. Please contact us for more details on creating a fruit garden or ordering some fruit trees or bushes.