Greens and Lettuce
Greens and Lettuce

We grow a wide range of greens and lettuce. Read on to find something suitable for your garden.


Sky Rocket Arugula

Good tolerance to bolting under stress, sky rocket has a classic arugula leaf shape that is quick to grow with succulent arugula flavour

Astro Arugula

Earlier and more heat tolerant than other varieties, Astro features large lobed leaves with excellent taste
Asian Greens


One of our favourite greens to grow due to its heat tolerance, abundant growth, low maintenance, and versatility in the kitchen. Mizuna is commonly found in salad mixes and larger can be stir fried, boiled, or steamed

Choi Sum

A popular Asian green with thick leaves and tender stalks. Member of the brassica family
Edible and Ornamental Greens

Bright Lights Swiss Chard

Another versatile plant for both edible gardens and edible landscaping. Multi-colored stems can be harvested throughout the growing season

Bloody Dock Sorrel

A juicy green with a tangy flavour like garden sorrel, useful as both an edible and ornamental

Red Leaf Amaranth

Interesting red leaves with soft texture. Used in salads and as a garnish

Beira Tronchuda Collards

Unusual loose heads with white veins and green leaves. Excellent steamed, sauteed or stir fried

Deep Purple Mustard

Excellent quality deep purple greens that hold throughout the entire growing season. Can be eaten as baby greens or full sized heads

Dinosaur Kale

Featuring dark blue-green leaves and a bumpy surface said to resemble dinosaur skin, this kale variety grows abundantly throughout the growing season and even into the winter

Darkibor Kale

Intense and dark green-blue leaves are very curled and frilly making them excellent for kale chips, as a garnish, and in an edible landscape

Redbor Kale

Similar to darkibor, but with deep reddish-purple coloured frilly and curly leaves
Leaf Lettuce

Lollo Bionda

Large, loose heads with very frilly light – medium green leaves are good as baby leaves and as garnishes. Uniform and slow to bolt


Ruby coloured lollo with good size and texture is best for baby leaf production

Bridgemere Green Oakleaf

Bright green leaves with thick, lobed leaves that does well under heat and stress conditions

Granada Red Oakleaf

Beautiful dark cherry red colour good as baby leaves or large salad bowl heads. Grows well in cool and hot conditions
Head Lettuce

Freckles Romaine

Green leaves with attractive red-splashes. This unique romaine matures early with glossy, semi-savoy leaves

Dixter Romaine

Burgundy romaine with tall tight cylindrical heads. Suitable for for heart and baby leaf production. Bronzy red colour deepens with cool temperatures

Red Sails

A deep bronze-red looseleaf type that also forms a full centre


A dark green butterhead lettuce with yellow inside

Bloomsdale Spinach

A cool season crop with glossy dark green leaves and strong growing habit. Best if grown in cool weather of spring and fall

New Zealand Spinach

Different from the usual spinach, it is valuable for culture in hot, dry weather

These are most of our favourites when it comes to greens and lettuces. With so many to try, we’re sure you’ll find something to fit your taste preferences and also be a good fit with your garden.