We love growing herbs at Young Urban Farmers. All of the herbs below above are most commonly available in the spring and often throughout the outdoor growing season. Other herbs can often be ordered by special request other times of the year. Order early to ensure the herbs you want are available.


Italian Basil

This classic summer herb loves the sun and heat and is great for pesto, pasta and more

Thai Basil

Popular in South East Asian cooking with a hint of licorice flavour

Globe Basil

Lots of tiny leaves in a globe-shaped plant. Similar flavour to Italian basil

Lemon Basil

Basil with a strong fragrant lemon scent and 20-40cm long stems

Other Basil Varieties

Other basil varieties such as purple basil, cinnamon basil, and more available on a limited basis.

Flat Parsley

A versatile herb that is easy to grow. It can survive if winters are mild. Also called Italian parsley.

Curly Parsley

Curly parsley often used as a garnish with a similar taste to flat parsley.
Onions and Chives

Green Onion

Easy to grow herb with many versatile uses in the kitchen

Garlic Chives

Hardy, drought tolerant perennial with a mild garlic and onion flavour. Has flat blade-shaped leaves


Similar to garlic chives but with a tubular leaves and mild onion flavour


Classic mint flavour great in drinks, salads, and cooked dishes

Chocolate Mint

Has the faintest hint of chocolate flavour

Ginger Mint

Variegated green and yellow leaves have a slight ginger flavour

Mojito Mint

Larger leaves have a milder mint flavour often used in the iconic mojito drink of Cuba
Annual Herbs


A tender slow-growing annual with an unmistakable scent


A fast growing plant that does best when direct seeded in the garden. Both leaves and seeds commonly used in cooking


A sugar substitute with very sweet leaves. Needs hot and sunny temperatures to thrive


Excellent flavour and great as an ornamental plant

Summer Savory

A popular herb in Atlantic Canada, it is aromatic and related to thyme and rosemary


Leaves and seeds (coriander) are edible. Best if direct seeded in the garden

Sweet Marjoram

A specialty herb used like oregano with sweet pine and citrus flavours

Black Cumin

Related to cumin, seeds have a smoky, earthy and peppery taste. Seeds are often used to add flavour to breads


A common addition to curry, soups and stews mixes, plants grow 30-50cm tall. Seeds can be used whole or ground

Lemon Verbena

A small shrub with the leaves harvested to add a lemon flavour to food such as fish, poultry, salad dressing, beverages and more
Perennial Herbs


Perennial multi-purpose herb with lots of small leaves.


Fragrant, drought tolerant herb makes for an excellent plant in the garden and edible landscape


A popular herb for pizza and Italian dishes. Easy to grow and often survives the winter

Lemon Balm

Very fragrant leaves make an excellent tea both hot and cold. Perennial and has a tendency to quickly spread


Sometimes called French parsley, it is commonly used by the French to season omelettes, salads, chicken, and vegetables. Has a slight liquorice flavour


A tall perennial plant with a strong celery-like flavour

Specialty herb orders can often be arranged by request in the spring and early summer. Please contact us for details.