Legumes, Beans, and Peas
Legumes - Beans, Peas, and Chickpeas

Beans and peas fall into the legume family and are both easy to grow and good for your garden. They have natural nitrogen fixing properties and produce high yields. In addition, large seeds make it much easy to get kids involved in the planting.

Bush Beans

Bush beans grow close to the ground and are planted when the weather and soil have warmed up and all chance of frost has passed. These are some of our favourite varieties.

Provider Green

This popular variety produces heavy yields of medium green, straight, long pods

Carson Yellow

Carson produces medium yellow, fancy, tender beans with good flavour. Beans average 5.25″ in length and grow on strong, upright plants

Royal Burgundy Purple

This interesting bean not only tastes great, but is easy to grow and a kid favourite. 6″ Beans turn green when it is cooked
Pole Beans

Pole beans are climbing plants and need a trellis, fence. deck, or support to grow and thrive. We typically grow pole beans on our bean teepee or along a lattice fence.

Blue Lake

This Vigorous strain is perfect for northern gardeners and grows when it is both cool and hot. Beans grow 6-7″ and produce earlier than other pole bean varieties.

Neckargold Yellow

Long, oval, stringless yellow pole beans. High yielding and adds colour and variety to the garden.

Blauhilde Purple

A stringless blue pole bean that turns green when cooked. Beans are long and fleshy pods averaging 9″ in length.

Scarlet Runner

Bred to produce under heat stress and longer day conditions, this scarlet runner variety produces 12-14″ long, 1/2-3/4″ wide, medium dark green beans with great flavour and beautiful scarlet red flowers

Dragon’s Tongue

A beautiful white and purple Dutch butter bean that can be eaten whole or shelled. Very tasty 5-8″ long pods on a low bush, terrific fresh or dried.
Peas and Chickpeas

Peas are a cool season crop best grow in the spring and fall. Almost all varieties need some sort of support.

Avalanch Snow

A classic, sweet snow pea typically eaten whole that grows well on 3-4′ vines with a crisp sweet flavour.

Desiree Purple Snow

This unique pea has beautiful purple flowers and pods. Pick peas early and often for best taste and texture.

Sugar Ann Snap

Plump light green, 2 1/2” long pods are held high on 18” vines. Heavy first and second pickings.

Sabre Shell

Heavy yielding and early. This variety is great for home and market gardeners and can be eaten fresh or frozen for later. Only the peas are typically eaten due to tough fibrous outer shell.

Chestnut Chickpea

This large-seeded garbanzo has a rich, sweet flavour that is great for making hummus. Grows to a small bush 2′ tall.