Tomatoes are one of our most popular vegetables. Unless listed below, all varieties are indeterminate tomatoes, which can grow quite tall and require staking.

Small Tomatoes

Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato

This very sweet, cherry-sized tomato bears lots of fruit on tall vigorous vines. A favourite with kids and one of the quintessential sweet tomato flavour

Black Cherry Tomato

A unique cherry variety with a very deep almost black coloured skin. Sweet, juicy and perfect for eating in the garden

Yellow Pear Tomato

Another favourite mini variety, this variety has lower water content and less sweetness than cherry tomatoes. Great for salads and eating straight off the vine

Ground Cherry

Sweet yellow berries are excellent in jams, jellies, and sauces and garnishes. Ready to pick when green husks turn papery brown

Tumbling Tom

Best suited for containers and hanging baskets, these plants trail down the side and add a beautiful element to any container garden. Comes in both red and yellow colours

Landry’s Russian

A high yielding indeterminate plant with round 2–3″ salad style fruit with great tomato flavour

Tiny Tim

This determinate tomato is great for containers and limited spaces. Grows only to 12″ in height


Prolific producer of small to medium-sized yellow fruits. Slightly fuzzy skin blushes when ripens and is a good salad tomato


A staple of Mexican cuisine, each tomatillo is surrounded by an inedible paper-like husk. It has a tart flavour and is popular in fresh and cooked sauces.

Medium Tomatoes

Lemon Boy

Medium sized, juicy fruit with bright yellow coloured skin and flesh

Roma / San Marzano

A medium-sized, plum-variety of tomato with low water and low seed content. These varieties are best suited for sauce, paste, canning, and preserving

Early Girl

Early ripening and prolific producer of medium globe-shaped tomatoes. Plants are reliable and do well in shorter season climates

Jaune Flammée

This yellow/orange French heirloom tomato grows on an attractive plant with great yields and early maturity.

Banana Legs

Determinate plants with beautiful lacy foliage and loads of elongated yellow/orange mildly flavoured fruit. Great for colour in salads and sauces

Silvery Fir Determinate

Feathery leaves make an attractive 2 ft. plant with a large crops of red 2-4″ fruit with good flavour. Good for edible landscaping

Large Tomatoes


Large, juicy tomatoes with numerous compact seed cavities that holds together well when cut, and ideally suited for slicing and eating raw

Costoluto Fiorentino

This is a large, heirloom, beefsteak style tomato that has great flavour for sauces, sandwiches, and for fresh eating. It is prolific and easier to grow than other large tomatoes.

Green Zebra

Yellow and green fruits with dark green vertical stripes. Emerald green flesh is juicy, sweet and mild


A large heirloom cultivar with large potato-leaved foliage. Brandywine bears large pink beefsteak-shaped fruit and is widely regarded for it taste

Black Giant

This large heirloom variety produces purple-black fruit with great flavour. Dark, globe-shaped fruit produce early with a nice blend of sweet and acid that makes it a favourite among tomato growers and seed savers.