Gardening Services
Gardening Services

Setting up a garden is just the first step of healthy and bountiful garden. To help you enjoy the garden and ensure it produces to its full potential, we’re proud to offer a full suite of gardening services, including general maintenance, coaching, and workshops. We understand your garden is an expression of your personality and endeavour to listen to your desires and provide options that fit your lifestyle and your goals. Learn more about the services we offer.

Garden Setup

Everything you need to get a new or existing garden planted and ready to grow. We source the best quality materials including our custom soil blend, non-GMO seeds, and vigorous disease-free transplants. Our gardening experts will ensure your garden gets planted at the right time with the right techniques to ensure healthy plants for the rest of the season.

Garden Maintenance

Keep your garden producing at its peak throughout the season with weeding, watering, harvesting, pruning, and general garden maintenance. Additional services include compost management, fall garlic planting, natural pest control, season extension, and more. Available on a monthly and seasonal basis.

Garden Coaching

Get personalized advice and training to improve your gardening skills and get the most out of your garden. Customized sessions are tailored to what you want to learn and to the most important seasonal tasks. Coaching topics can include garden maintenance techniques, plant identification, gardening techniques, long term planning, and more.


Learn more about urban farming through an engaging presentation or hands-on workshop. Available for individuals and for groups of all sizes, topics include seed starting, composting, lacto-fermentation, season-extension, indoor farming, and more. Let us share our love and knowledge of urban farming with you.