Succession planting is planting the same crop over a period of time to ensure continual production during the growing season. It can also refer to replanting an area with new plants once the existing plants have been harvested.

Succession planting allows home gardeners and farmers to have a steady supply of their favourite crop throughout the season. It can increase yields in the same area allowing more plants to grow over the course of one growing season. It can also increase yields by planting fast maturing plants beside longer maturing plants (ex. radishes beside beets) so that by the time the radishes are harvested, there is enough space for the beets to fill in the rest of the space.

Succession planting can be done every week, every month, or on an as needed basis. Like all growing techniques, it is best if you have a garden plan to work with so you can enjoy your garden to the most of its abilities and make the process easier and more enjoyable.

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