As the weather gets warmer and we move from spring into the dog days of summer, it’s time to look at a few summer maintenance tips to keep your garden in the best shape possible.

1. Weeds
Different weeds germinate at different times of the year. Summer germinating weeds are typically short lived annuals. If you can pull them before they flower and set their seed, you’ll greatly minimize the number of weeds you get in future years.

2. Pests
With the plants busy growing and putting on lots of vegetative growth, some insects may see your garden as a perfect home for its future young. Believe it or not, one stray insect can lay thousands of eggs and cause tremendous damage to your plants and harvest. Keep an eye out for plants/leaves that have any signs of insect damage and use an insecticidal soap or other suitable remedy once a problem has been identified.

3. Perennial Plant Maintenance
Deadhead any faded or spent flowers to encourage more flower production from your hardy perennials. Prune or cut back  larger plants to control their shape and allow enough time for a new round of fresh, healthy foliage and growth

4. Succession Plant
Just because you may be feasting on all the salads you can eat now, doesn’t mean you won’t still want to have some salad later on in the season. Plant another round of greens and/or root vegetables to ensure a regular supply all summer long.

Cover Image by Cindy Funk, used under its Creative Commons license.

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