Carrots are a fun and easy crop to grow. We talked already about growing your own in Tip #70. This tip covers a few more interesting facts about carrots whether you are an eater, a grower, or both!

First, did you know there are different types of carrots that you can buy in Canada? According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency there are both No. 1 and No. 2, with specifications for things like length, firmness, diameter, color, cleanliness, cracks, crown damage, insect injury, to name just a few. You can read all about it from the CFIA’s website.

If you happen to grow a lot or find a great deal when purchasing carrots, you can store them for extended periods of time. The best way is in a root cellar or cold room unwashed in a plastic bag. Temperatures should be kept just above freezing and with high humidity (95%). Remove the greens (carrot tops) as they draw moisture away from the core and avoid exposure to air, light, and excessive moisture. Layer carrots with straw and soil. Keeping carrots stored in sand can cause the taste to turn more earth and woody.

You can also store carrots in the fridge. Plastic bags with some aeration holes work quite well. Keep roots cool or they will sprout. Regardless of where you store carrots, just don’t keep them near apples as the ethylene gas released by them will cause carrots to spoil. Store only carrots in sound condition and keep them slightly moist so they don’t dry out.

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