One of the greatest joys of gardening is enjoying the fruits of your labour and harvesting fresh vegetables and fruit throughout the growing season. If you’re like many gardeners we’ve spoken too, chances are you’ll have some extra produce you won’t be able to eat right away. While you can preserve some of the extra, you can also share some of the extra produce from your garden as well. Whether it is with neighbours, friends, or your local food bank, there’s nothing like the taste of something freshly harvested from the garden.

If your friends are also gardeners you can do a bit of a harvest swap as well, trading things you have in your garden for things you don’t have from your friend’s garden.

Finally, for those who like to grow zucchini and have too much, August 8th if the unofficial “sneak some zucchini onto your neighbours’ porch” day. Really, it’s a thing (more info here, and here)!

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