As the days get shorter and the temperatures get a bit cooler, it’s time to think about taking care of our garden in the fall. We’ve covered a few tips already such as sharpening your tools for next year and cleaning out old pots and containers, but here are a few other things you can do to ensure your garden is well cared for this fall.

1. Reflect on the Current Year
What plants did especially well for you this year? How was the weather? This is where a garden notebook can become very handy as you record your observations and notes and compare them from year to year:

2. Collect Fall Leaves
Leaves make an excellent addition to your compost pile or worm bin. The one thing you must remember to do is to shred them as fine as you can. We like to do this by running them over several times with a lawn mower. Spread some coffee grounds if you have them between the leaves to help speed up the decomposition process as well. You’ll have a nice pile of black gold by spring of next year.

3. Plant Evergreen Shrubs/Trees
Fall is a great time to be planting evergreen shrubs and trees. If you get them in before the soil freezes, they will have a bit of time to acclimatize to their new home before going dormant for the winter. Then in the spring, when we have the snow melt and April showers, those plants will be encouraged to develop a strong root system and be healthy for many years to come.

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