Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! We talked about preparing your garden for fall in a previous tip #129. This week, we’ll cover some of the finer details in preparing your garden for the winter.

While there may not be too much to look at above ground, underground there is still lots of activity happening. Newly transplanted trees and shrubs are still growing roots and taking in moisture and nutrients from the soil. Worms and microbes are still eating away at the organic material in there.

If you like to add mulch in the fall, wait until the ground freezes before adding in fall/winter mulch to your beds. If you add the mulch in too soon, this can encourage rodents like mice to take up residence in your garden.

Drain water out of your hose and put it away in the garage or shed for the winter. Many hoses have a limited lifespan. Extend the life of your hose by keeping it out of the sun and keeping reducing the pressure of having water freeze inside it.

If you have any tender trees, shrubs or perennials, give them some extra protection with some burlap and/or some shredded leaves or straw as insulation. For young fruit trees, a tree guard around the base trunk of the tree can prevent gnawing from critters and damage from line trimmers. Remove any dead plants, cut back any diseased plant material, and enjoy the cooler days of fall.

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