There are hundreds of different squash varieties from the classic butternut and zucchini to the unusual pattypan and crookneck squash. In this week’s tip, we’ll cover some of the unique and interesting ones you may want to include in your garden.ucchini

A classic summer squash, zucchini typically come in a yellow or green colour, though sometimes they will have stripes or flattened sides. These are great for all of your summer squash dishes, especially for those who like to make “zoodles” or zucchini noodles with them
green zucchini

These scallop- or UFO-shaped squash also come in a variety of colours including the classic yellow and green. They generally don’t grow as big as zucchini and are great for people who can feel overwhelmed with too much zucchini.
pattypan squash on vine

This type of squash grows in a ball/spherical shape. We like to use these for baked/stuffed zucchini dishes. Like the pattypan, they generally don’t grow as big as zucchini.
8 ball round squash

Just as its name implies, this type of squash has a curved or crooked neck with a bulbous end. Some varieties can be grown both for as an edible squash when young or as an ornamental squash if left to mature.
Crookneck squash

This gourd has cucumber-like leaves and fruit that look like oversized zucchini. These can be eaten when young, though they are more commonly harvested for their fibrous tissue skeleton which are used as bath and sauna sponges.