One of the secrets to successful gardens is providing your plants with adequate water. Harvesting rain water using rain barrels is a great way to provide your plants with the enough excellent quality water during the hot and dry summer months.  Not only will the water be at at optimal temperature of watering (not too hot and not too cold), but it will be naturally soft and non-chlorinated, reducing the risk of transplant shock and damping off of young transplants. Save money on your water bill (rain barrels in Toronto can save up to 31,000L of water per year), reduce the strain on the local water system, and use this opportunity to show your family and children the simple steps you are taking to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

For a convenient and easy-to-store option, we offer collapsible rain barrels in two different sizes from our online store. For a local manufacturer of rain barrels, our friends at Yellow Dog use reclaimed food-grade barrels and convert them into a sustainable option.

For the DIY types, check with a local restaurant and see if you can upcycle one of their used food-grade barrels for your own homemade rain barrel.

Cover Image by Arlington County, used under its Creative Commons license.

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