Tomatoes come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, tastes, and growth habits. In this tip, we outline the characteristics of a few of the most popular types of carrots. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but a good start in deciding what varieties to plant in your garden.

Slicing and Globe tomatoes are the most common type of tomato, especially when it comes to commercial and greenhouse production. They are a common staple in many grocery stores. Varieties include ultrasonic and ultrasweet.

Plum tomatoes are bred for higher solid content, making it a favourite for tomato sauce and pasta sauce. Plum tomatoes are usually oblong in shape. Varieties include San Marzano and roma.

Beefsteak tomatoes are a popular home grown variety and are great for sandwiches and fresh eating. They are large, medium sweet, juicy, and generally have a thinner skin. Varieties include green zebra and super beefsteak.

Cherry tomatoes typically are small, very sweet and juicy. They are a favourite with kids, who can pick and eat them whole right off the vine. They are great for salads and eating fresh. Common varieties include sweet 100, and sun gold.

Grape tomatoes are smaller variations of plum tomatoes. This means they are typically oblong,more fleshy, smaller, and less sweet when compared to cherry tomatoes. Varieties include Juliet and red grape.

Oxheart tomatoes look almost like large strawberries. They are generally large like beefsteak tomatoes and can range from juicy to more fleshy. Varieties include amish paste and pink oxheart.

Pear Tomato
Pear tomatoes are small, pear shaped and similar in size to cherry tomatoes. They are based on San Marzano plum tomatoes, which mean they are more pasty and less juicy or sweet compared to other varieties. They are great in salads and are often viewed as a gourmet variety due to their unique shape and texture. Common varieties include yellow pear and red pear.

There are many more varieties of tomatoes than what is listed here. We encourage you to experiment and try out different varieties that suit your taste and your garden space.

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