Chives and garlic chives are hardy perennials that are popular herbs for many of our customers not only for their taste, but for their ease of growing and general lack of pest issues. Chives and garlic chives can be easily divided up in the spring and summer to move to other parts of the garden or to share with friends and neighbours.

And while the plants are easy to divide, they are also easy to grow and propagate by seed. To save your seeds, wait for the plants to send up a taller  flower stalk. After it flowers, the head will dry out and the seeds will develop. Leave the flower head on the plant for as long as possible. You can also cut the individual stalks and bring them inside for a week or two to dry upside down in a paper bag in a warm, dry and well ventilated area.

To save the seeds, shake flower head against the sides of the paper bag to loosen and remove the dried seeds. If some seeds do not come out easily, you can rub the seed head together to ease the seeds out. Collect and store seeds in a cool, dry, and dark location.

Use seeds within 3 years. Chive and garlic chive seeds also make great sprouts.

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