Many edible plants do best when direct seeded into the garden. Cilantro, dill, root vegetables, and many legumes are just a few examples of vegetables that should be direct seeded.

For gardeners with a desire to create neat, straight rows, we have a few tips on how to make direct seeding easier and more straight and uniform.

1. Use Stakes and String to Mark Your Rows
This is a quick and simple tip that is adjustable to whatever length of row you are trying to create (depending on how long your string is) and easy to reuse. We like to float the string several inches above the soil line, which ensures that creating furrows in the soil will not disrupt the line.

2. Lay a measuring tape in the garden
For short rows, laying a measuring tape directly on the soil to guide can help guide your planting path. A long handled tool handle can also work in a pinch if the row is relatively short.

3. Use seed tape (look for a tip in the future on creating your own seed tape) to create a straight planting line
Simply unroll the desired length of seed tape in the area you want to plant. Dig and cover with the appropriate amount of soil to plant.

Cover Image by U.S. Department of Agriculture, used under its Creative Commons license.

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