As your garden gets established, you’ll most likely start having your gardening friends asking us for cuttings of different plants. If they’re a neighbour, it’s easy to go into the garden, take a cutting, and start rooting it right away, but what if your friend lives across town or you have some errands to run before meeting with them?
For this tip, we’ll be continuing on with our theme of using common household tools and items to perform double duty in your garden. Take a screwdriver or drill bit and create a hole in a potato about the same diameter as the size of the stem you’ll be taking your cutting from. Then take your cutting and stick it in the potato. Since potatoes are typically around 75% water depending on the variety, they can help serve as a way to keep the cuttings moist while your cuttings are in transit.
We haven’t tried this tip yet ourselves, but when we do, we’ll let you know how it goes. If you’ve tried this successfully or unsuccessfuly, let us know in the comments.
Cover Image by ripplestone garden, used under its Creative Commons license.

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