This week’s tip is a quickie, but a goodie. Chopsticks are one of the many tools you’ll find in our gardening tool bag as they have a few useful purposes. Here are our 4 most popular uses:

1. Use as a dibber when direct seeding
When direct seeding, especially in cold, wet, or heavier soils, chopsticks make a great dibber to ensure each seed is planted at the appropriate depth. Use either the pointy or blunt end for each depression in the soil.

2. Use as spacer between rows
Measure the length of your chopstick and use it as a rough guide when determining the spacing between rows. This way, you’ll avoid needing to pull out your measuring tool and your work will go by just a bit faster

3. Clean excess dirt off tools
If you have excess dirt that sticks to your tools, you can use the long edge of the chopstick to clean off excess dirt or the pointy end to get into some of those hard to reach areas. It also works well to get into the deeper grooves of your gardening boots when working in thicker soil.

4. Use as a temporary stake
We often use string to mark out the edge of our in-ground beds. When we’re preparing the garden area, tie the string to a few chopsticks and use as a temporary stake


Cover Image by George Robins, used under its Creative Commons license.

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