October is the best time to be planting garlic in your garden. Here are a few tips to ensure your garlic is nice and cozy for the winter and will be ready to grow with vigor come the spring:

1. Choose Organically-Grown Garlic from a Local Reputable Supplier
Don’t get the cheap imported stuff from the grocery store to plant in your garden. You want garlic that has been growing in a similar climate and environment.

2. Plant the Largest Cloves From Each Head
The garlic should be kept whole until you go to plant. When you separate the bulb into individual cloves, choose only the largest cloves and set aside the smallest ones to eat and cook with.

3. Ensure Proper Depth When Planting
Plant garlic 2-3x its height. For example, if you clove measures in at 3cm tall, plant the garlic 6-9cm deep. Too deep and the garlic may not have enough energy to push through the soil and sprout. Too shallow and the garlic may suffer from being exposed to the freeze/thaw cycle of the fall and spring.

4. Mulch with a Thick, Lightweight Material
We like to use straw to mulch the garlic. This helps to insulate it from the freeze/thaw action of the spring and summer while still being light enough for the garlic sprouts to push through without any issues. The mulch also helps to keep down weeds, keep moisture in the soil, and add organic matter to the soil as it breaks down over the course of the following growing season

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