On Friday Mar 21st, we had our second trip to the greenhouse to start some more of our seeds. Despite being officially in spring and having winter weather outside, we were treated to hot and bustling greenhouse with temperatures in the high 20s. It was nice peeling off the layers, basking in the sun, and enjoying the warmth of the greenhouse knowing that this warm environment will get our plants off to the best start possible.

This week we started all of our tomatoes, 5 types of basil (Italian, globe, lemon, cinnamon, and Thai), some parsley, some early season greens, and a few other test crops as well. At the greenhouse, we were also able to check in on our seeds we started from two weeks ago and it looks like all of them have germinated nicely. Here are a couple photos from the trip

tigerella tomato seeds
Tomato Seeds

seedling assembly line style
Seeding – assembly line style

flats waiting to be transported
Flats ready to be transported

leek seedlings
Leek seedlings

Leek seedlings closeup

We’ll be starting different seeds on a regular basis leading up to the start of the outdoor growing season. Want to volunteer with us on one of our next greenhouse trips? Sign up to the Cultivate Toronto general volunteer mailing list for news on the next trip.

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