Commercial Property Gardens
Commercial Property Gardens

For commercial property gardens, Young Urban Farmers can setup a variety of plants, planters, and gardens to suit your business needs. Indoor planters add a sense of style while also improving indoor air quality. Outdoor gardens can also be created to reflect unique cultural aspects of the business, to serve as an outdoor retreat for staff to relax in, or to provide food for staff members or the local cafeteria. Like all of our garden projects, we can assist you in both the initial setup as well as any ongoing maintenance required of the plants. Here are some of the ways we can help.

Indoor Planter Arrangements

Add style, colour, and life to your indoor environment with beautiful plants that can also help improve air quality and your employees’ sense of well being. Planters come in a range of colours and styles.

Maintenance of Indoor Plants

If you need help managing the plants and keeping them watered, let us help you while you focus on your main business activities.

Outdoor Grounds Maintenance

YUF can help maintain your existing landscape, including planting of annual bedding flowers. This can also include watering, weeding, pruning, thinning, planting, and more. Please see our garden services page to learn more about the maintenance services we offer.

Garden Setups

Get help setting up a garden, including simple herb gardens, fruit trees, raised beds, or rooftop gardens.

Container Planting

Add colour and energy to your business with plantesr in key outdoor locations like courtyards, pathways, walkways and entrance areas with aesthetically-pleasing planter displays. We can create unique displays including a variety of edible plants and create new installations for each of the 4 seasons.

Gardening Workshops

Workshops, including lunch and learn presentations offer another way to engage employees. We’ve completed workshops on a variety of topics including Balcony Gardening, Seed Starting, Lacto-Fermentation and more.