Hotel and Restaurant Gardens
Hotel and Restaurant Gardens

Young Urban Farmers has helped several restaurants and hotels setup an edible garden and we can help you do the same thing with your property. Whether it is a showpiece garden your customers will marvel at, a behind the scenes production garden, or a hybrid of both, we have a variety of solutions to get you growing fresh, delicious produce you can WOW your guests with. Restaurant gardens vary in size and complexity.

Before starting any garden, ensure that you have a plan to maintain and harvest the garden throughout the growing season. We can help minimize much of the work through automatic watering systems and selecting easy to care for plants, but regular checkups weeding, and harvesting will still need to get done. Here are some of the ways we can help with an edible garden.

Rooftop Gardens

Rooftops provide lots of very sunny, open space upon which to setup a garden. One of our favourite ways to utilize this space is with the EarthBox, as they are modular, portable, easy to manage, and produce very good yields. With the EarthBox, you can harvest greens, herbs, and more throughout the entire growing season. While many rooftop gardens struggle with keeping their plants watered throughout the intense heat and high temperatures of the summer, the EarthBox system really shine, with a reservoir of water that helps to keep the plants hydrated for extended periods of time.

YUF helped in the planning and setup of this rooftop garden growing a variety of vegetables in EarthBoxes.

EarthBoxes just after planting in the Spring.

The Rooftop of the Big Carrot in Toronto was another project YUF helped in supplying EarthBoxes and growing advice.

EarthBoxes after planting and ready to grow and produce a bounty of veg.

Courtyard / Display Planters

If you want to make a design statement, let us help you with our mix of beautiful container gardens full of edible and/or ornamental plants. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes to suit almost any setting. Many containers have optional coasters for easy mobility as well.

Diamente planters in an office atrium

Mixed sizes of Cubico planters.

Black high-gloss Cubico Alto planter.

Mixed Cubico planters outside an entrance area.

Production Gardens

If you have an unused space that you want to convert into a vegetable producing facility, why not use it to grow your own vegetables? Young Urban Farmers has helped restaurants plan, setup, and maintain their garden.

YUF helped to plant and setup this cinder block raised bed garden with EarthBoxes tucked into the back of each bed.

A wider view of this Queen West boutique hotel garden. The garden was tucked away down a laneway courtyard and used by the chef for restaurant meals.

Table Planters

Decorate your tables with living edible arrangements. Choose from a mixture of herbs, greens, and ornamental plants to create a beautiful display for your guests.

Maxi Cubi Yellow

A sunny yellow Maxi-Cubi table planter.

A Mini-Cubi table planter adds some colour and life to the table without taking up a large space.

A row of mixed colour Deltini planters provides visual interest and colour to a countertop bar.

More Information on Hotel and Restaurant Gardens

These are just a few examples of how we can help you with a restaurant or hotel garden. Custom projects like special orders of seedlings, custom sized planters, and more can also be arranged.