School and Daycare Gardens
School and Daycare Gardens

Schools and daycare centres offer an outstanding opportunity to get kids involved in learning and connecting with where their food comes from. Whether it is hands on work in the garden or applying academic learning from the classroom to the garden, we can help you in setting up a school garden, in running workshops for your students, and with integrating gardening into the curriculum. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • setup and installation of raised bed demonstration garden
  • setup and installation of vegetable and herb garden using containers or direct in-ground
  • design, setup and installation of an orchard
  • procurement and setup of planters for kids to take home at the end of the school year
  • ideas in integrating gardening work to academic subjects such as math, English, science, history, and geography
School and Daycare Garden Examples

YUF setup four 4′ x 4′ raised beds for this public school in the Fairbank neighbourhood. The goal was to get the students, teachers, and surrounding community involved in the garden.

EarthBoxes make great teaching tools as they are portable, come on wheels, and allow growing indoors and outdoors all year round.