Container Gardens
Container Gardens
This page outlines the many shapes and sizes of containers we offer, as well as who container gardens are for and information on self-watering containers. For information on our other types of gardens, garden services, or to request a consultation for a garden for your property, click on one of the links below.
Container Garden Information

Container gardens offer unparalleled versatility when it comes to size, colour, shape and materials. Indoors or outdoors, container gardens offer portability and the opportunity to grow new and unique plants.

There are many benefits to growing in containers. They are relatively lightweight and easy to plant. Many planters also offer a liner that can be removed quickly and easily to swap in a new container arrangement or to move the liner to an area that is easier to plant. Imagine having to climb up on a step ladder with soil and plants with a hanging basket.

Container gardens also offer you the opportunity to start with ideal soil conditions. If you have acid -loving plants like blueberries, you can setup your own little blueberry patch next to plants that like more neutral soil like most other veggies.

Our Favourite Container Gardens

We’ve outlined some of our favourite containers here. Click through to learn more about each of the different features and benefits.

EarthBox Self Watering Planter

The EarthBox is one of our favourite planters because of its small footprint, built in water reservoir, and ability to produce a large bounty of produce in a very small space. It also has a number of accessories that add to its functionality that makes gardening easier such as the garden stand, staking system and automatic watering system.

Balconera Railing Mounted Planter

The Balconera is a rectangular planter that can be mounted on a most railings, on walls, or placed on a flat surface like a table or ledge. Perfect for edible flowers, greens, and herbs, the Balconera comes in two sizes and multiple colours to fit almost any style. Interchangeable liners and water level indicator make planting, watering, and maintenance a breeze.

Cascada Stacking Planter

Cascada is our favourite stack able planter that can be used individually, as a 2-tier tower, or as a 3-tier planter. Each layer allows you to grow up to 13 plants. This is perfect for salad and herb lovers who don’t have a lot of space to grow.

Nido Hanging Planter

Nido is an excellent hanging planter for herbs, greens, edible flowers, and more. It is made with a very sturdy hanging hook and interchangeable liner. Like the Cararo and Balconera, it also comes with a built-in water reservoir for easy maintenance.

Trio Planter

The trio allows you to grow three different plants each in its own individual liners. An optional trellis system allows you to grow vertically and create a living wall or privacy screen. Contact us to order a Trio planter for your garden.

Cararo Rolling Planter

The Cararo is a versatile planter, coming in six premium colours and with an extra deep planting volume. Built in rollers along the bottom make it easy to move and position exactly where you want it, indoors or out.

Cubico Rectangular Planter

Enjoy the timeless beauty of a Young Urban Farmers Edible Planter that is features both beautiful and edible plants. Add a splash of colour to your front doorstep, outdoor seating area, or yard with our premium self-watering planters.

Potato Box

Our potato planter box is designed to let you grow a lot of potatoes in a small vertically space. Whether you want a 2.5′ or 5′ tall potato planter, both options will allow you to grow lots of potatoes. The best part besides choosing exactly what variety of potato to grow is digging them up in the fall, which is a fun activity for both adults and children. Contact us to order a potato planter for your garden.

Table Planters

Table planters area a great way to add colour, warmth, and style to your indoors spaces like the office, kitchen, dining table, and more. We love growing herbs and air-purifying housepants in them and they come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours.

Who Container Gardens Are For

With thousands of different styles, colours, materials, and sizes of containers, it is almost impossible not to find one that fits your individual needs. Containers can be placed in almost any spot to utilize all the available sun and space including rooftops, patios, decks, front yards, backyards, and more. Here are just a few examples:

  • In apartments and condos, containers can be placed outdoors on railings, hung from the top of an balcony overhang, or placed on any flat surface
  • In houses and townhouses, containers can accent an in-ground or raised bed garden area, draw attention to the walkways and entrance areas, and serve as a focal point for outdoor interest
  • For businesses, container gardens can be featured in the lobby and atrium, improving indoor air quality for guests and employees
  • For restaurants and hotels, small container gardens can feature fresh or cut flowers on tables, or incorporated into other public areas to bring nature and beauty indoors
  • Indoors, containers can be used as a room divider, placed near a sunny window, and used to freshen up a room

Personally, we love having containers with herbs placed right outside the kitchen as easy access and we love bringing these same containers indoors by a sunny window to enjoy fresh herbs all winter long.

Who Container Gardens Are Not For

There aren’t many reasons not to choose at least some container garden options for your growing space. Even if your garden is already quite full (like ours is), we love trying new and unique varieties of plants and finding even a small space in our garden for our containers.

There are only a few occasions where container gardens may not make the most sense. The first is if you have a very particular design style and can’t find the exact container design you’re looking for. The second is if you have a public area with lots of foot traffic and don’t want to take the risk of having the containers disappearing on you.

Finally, if you plan to settle down for the long term, you can design the garden exactly how you want it – with or without containers. However, if you’re anywhere near the average and move once every 5 years, containers are great becaue they are portable and you can take your plants and containers with you and have a garden ready when you move into your new place.

Self Watering Containers

Almost all of the containers we offer a self-watering containers. That means they have a reservoir for holding extra water built into the bottom of the container and often some sort of wicking material to transport the water from the reservoir to the soil medium. An aeration screen or separator liner keeps the roots and soil from getting waterlogged.

We love self watering containers because you water less often (up to 1 week depending on the size of your reservoir/environmental conditions, have a more flexible watering schedule, have healthier plants, and generate higher yields.

You can read more about why we love self watering containers.