Cascada Additional Information

One of our newest products for 2014 is the Cascada Color Planter. Since we first saw the design, we were excited to get our hands on it and test it out in advance of the 2014 gardening season. After seeing it in action for the past couple of weeks, we’re even more excited for the weather to finally warm up and to get planting in it this year. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering growing in the Cascada planter this year:


The Cascada Color is another one of Lechuza’s self-watering/sub-irrigated planters. Part of their Trend Collection (best known for the wicker-style finishes), this multi level planter comes in a slate colour and flat finish. It is designed as either a standalone planter whether directly on the ground or on a table or bench, or as a two- or three-tiered planter. With 8 openings on the side for various plants, as well as space on top for up to an additional 5 plants, this planter has been developed to maximize the number of plants that can grow in a very small space.

From a design perspective, much care and attention to detail has gone into the planter from the shape and angle of the side planting spots to the structural stability of the unit when fully planted in its 3-tiered setup. We can see this being a great fit for many of our existing gardens, especially those who are limited by space and have large gardening ambitions. Here’s a closer look at each of the components.

The Planter

The planter itself measures 28cm (11 inches) tall with a a maximum top diameter of 49cm (19.25 inches) and bottom diameter of 30.5cm (12 inches). With the sub-irrigated liner in place, there is a maximum soil volume of 19 liters, water reservoir capacity of 8 liters, and maximum soil depth of 17cm (6.7 inches).

In the middle of the sub irrigation liner, there is a removable circular cover that remains in place if planted alone, or removed to accommodate the accessory piece that allows you to attach a second planter above it. When the accessory kit is used, part of the original soil area is lost to accommodate the vertical tube.


The Cascada planter only comes in one colour – a dark grey slate colour. It is a neutral colour without being too flashy, or showy, allowing the plants to take center stage and allowing it to fit in nicely whether on a wooden deck, stone patio, tabletop or other flat surface.

Accessory Kits

There are two accessory kits that can be purchased with the Cascada Planter: a 2-piece plant tower accessory and a 3-piece plant tower accessory

The 2-piece plant tower accessory containers one vertical support tube as well as 1 horizontal support plate. The vertical support tube fits nicely into the middle of the planter. The horizontal plate also fits snugly onto the vertical tube. Finally, 3 screws (included) attach the plate to the bottom of the second (upper) planter. It allows you to stack two of the Cascada planters together.

The vertical support tube measure 40cm (15.75 inches) in length. The supporting horizontal plate has a maximum diameter of 31cm (12.2 inches) and is grooved to fit flush against the bottom of the Cascada planter.When attached, it’s hard to tell where the bottom of the planter ends and where the support plate starts.

The 3-piece plant tower accessory containers two vertical support tubes, two horizontal support plates, 9 screws, and an additional wider base. The wider base is essential to provide additional stability when all three Cascada planters are stacked together with this accessory kit.

When fully assembled, we noticed that the unit felt very stable. Once planted and filled with water, we felt confident leaving this outside during the rain and wind storms without worrying about it falling over. When stacked together, the two-tier planter measures 71cm (28 inches) in height and the three tier planter measures 124cm (48.8 inches) in height.

What to Plant

The design of the planter makes it ideal for a variety of shallow rooted plants that do not grow very tall. Lettuces as well as greens like arugula, spinach, mizuna all would work very well in this planter.

Herbs are another excellent choice. A compact basil plant like globe basil, parsley, chives, thyme, oregano, rosemary, cilantro, savory, chervil, and dill can all work well. Strawberries will be another very popular choice, especially an everbearing one designed to grow down out of a hanging container. Finally, don’t forget your flowers, both ornamental and edible. Any flower that stays relatively small and compost, or one that trails down can work very well in this planter.

Who This Planter Is For

The Cascada planter features a modern look, stylish design, and is great for people who have a limited space to get planting. It is a great planter for beginners due to its compact nature and ability to accommodate a wide variety of plants like strawberries, flowers, greens, and herbs.

Who This Planter Isn’t For

This planter is designed to grow a variety of small, shallow rooted short plants or trailing plants. It is not suitable for growing indeterminate tomatoes, tall plants, or plants that require a significant soil volume.

Practical Tips

When planted in an outdoor environment, we suggest giving the planter a quarter turn every time you go to water the plants. This will make sure all sides get an even amount of sun throughout the growing season and your planter looks balanced and not lopsided in terms of plant growth.

Like all Lechuza planters, you will need to water directly onto the soil for the first couple weeks while the plants grow and stretch their roots down into the water reservoir. Each planter features UV-stabilized, food-grade, frost resistant plastic that will stand up to the sun and heat of the summer without fading. It is lightweight, shatterproof, and sturdy to provide you with many years of successful gardening.

Think of this as an investment in your garden. You’ll love how easy it is to water and maintain even during the height of the summer gardening months when the plants are really growing quickly and drinking up lots of water.

The Cascada planter can be taken indoors over the winter, and we suggest disassembling it first, reinserting the drain plug(s) to prevent excess water spilling onto your floor and reassembling it once prepared for indoor growing.

Sample Planting

Single Planter with Herbs
Side Openings: chives, garlic chives, globe basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme, chervil, sweet marjoram
Top Plantings: flat parsley, curly parsley, green onion, globe basil, summer savory

Two Tier Planter with Greens, Herbs and Strawberries
Bottom Planter: mixed leaf and head lettuce, mizuna, arugula
Top Planter: strawberries out the sides, rainbow chard on top

Three Tier Mixed Planter
Bottom Planter: Mixed herbs
Middle Planter: Violas, greens
Top Planter: nasturtium, calendula, rainbow chard, strawberries

To order your own Cascada planter, you can purchase the Cascada Planter directly from our online store, or contact us to arrange shipping/setup/planting if in the GTA.