Collapsible Rain Barrel
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Want to learn more information about our collapsible rain barrel? We’ve got all your frequently asked questions covered below.

Q. How long does it take to assemble or disassemble?
A. The collapsible rain barrel takes less than 5 minutes to setup or to disassemble.

Q. Why should I get a collapsible rain barrel as opposed to a hard-sided one?
A. The main reason people choose a collapsible rain barrel is to save on space in their garden. It packs down to a very compact size, so that you can put it away during a dry period or take it down during the winter. And because it takes less than 5 minutes to setup, it makes for quick and efficient garden work, keeping your garden looking neat and tidy. Another great benefit of a collapsible rain barrel is the ability to access the water through the zippered top. This way, you can quickly dunk and fill up your watering can (or multiple watering cans at the same time) instead of waiting for the water to come out the spigot at the bottom.

Q. Where should I setup my rain barrel?
A. We recommend setting up your rain barrel close to your downspout and also close to your garden area on a flat area. Elevate your rain barrel on a small platform to make getting water from the spigot as easy as possible.

Q. How much water can I save on an average rainfall?
A. The amount of water your rain barrel will collect depends on a number of factors including your roof surface area, the average amount of rainfall, and the efficiency of your diverter. Using an estimated average of a 45 square meter roof and an estimated average of 1cm of rain being collected through one downspout, you can collect 450 litres of water per rainfall, assuming 100% diverter efficiency.

Q. How much money can I save?
A. The exact amount of money you can save will vary. To continue with our examples above however, for a 45 square meter roof, collecting an average of 31,000 litres of rain water per year, and assuming a Toronto Hydro rate of $0.01038414/gal (2011 rate), our sample scenario household can save $85.04 per year.

Q. What kind of energy/environmental savings do rain barrels have?
A. Installing a rain barrel has a number of positive environment affects including reducing the strain on our municipal water supply, providing clean water to your plants during dry periods (when stress on our local water supply is highest) , and requiring low/no maintenance. Based on these factors, we estimate each rain barrel can save up to 6.2kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Q. What size rain barrel should I get?
A. To determine what size rain barrel would be suitable for you, we recommend having a good estimate of how big your garden is and estimating how large your roof is, and how often you water your plants. Small gardens can  be kept well watered using a small rain barrel (2oo litres); larger gardens typically benefit from having a large sized rain barrel (400 litres) or even multiple of the large rain barrels depending on how many downspouts you have and the size of your roof.

Q. Do I need to use the diverter kit?
A. No, you can use your collapsible rain barrel without a diverter kit. Connect/direct your downspout directly into the zippered top or onto the filtered cover at the top of the barrel.

Q. When should I use the diverter kit? 
A.  The diverter kit is great for people who want the flexibility to easily connect and disconnect the rain barrel to their downspout. The diverter kit also ensures excess water through the downspout gets channeled away from the house through the rest of the downspout when not in use or during very heavy rainfall. For most people, we typically recommend purchasing a diverter kit. You would typically not get a diverter kit if the rain barrel is going to be more of a permanent fixture in your garden, and if you want to capture 100% of the rain water from your roof. We also recommend using the diverter kit if you do not want to run your downspout directly into the rain barrel and/or if you find the rain barrel overflowing from too much water or too little usage.

Q. What tools do I need to install the diverter?
A. To install the diverter, we recommend you have a handsaw, measuring tape, screw driver, and pencil. Gloves and safety glasses are also recommended.

Q. Can I use the rain barrel for all of my plants, including those in my vegetable garden?
A. Yes, using harvested rain water from your rain barrel is a great way to keep your plants watered and healthy. The water is already at a perfect temperature unlike the water from your hose after you’ve been running it for a few minutes. This helps to reduce the shock to your plants when you go to water them and typically results in bigger, stronger plants.

Q. Can I download the instruction sheets for the setup of the rainbarrel and diverter?
A. Yes, you can download the Diverter_Instructions and Rain_Barrel_Instructions in pdf format.

Q. Does the diverter collect 100% of the rain water coming down my downspout?
A. No. During a light rain fall, the diverter will collect the majority of the water coming down your downspout. During a heavy rain fall, less water will be captured.

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